The SOPL Group or Srinivasan Overseas Pvt. Ltd is an internationally reputed financial organization that specializes in trust fund consultancy, large lending, debt management and asset management. If you are looking for investment, bank guarantees or loans to make your dream project a reality – SOPL Group is your best option. They are the biggest names in the field of portfolio and asset management.

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The expertise and knowledge that we have acquired through long years of experience in the field of financial consultancy will help in making your business venture a success. No business can succeed without proper financing or investment, which is where we come in helping you identify right lenders and financial instrument providers to fund your projects. We can help guide your business to attain zenith of success in the new century. Our consultants and managers are capable of providing key services like:

  • Sale of Bank instruments and Debentures
  • Provide financial bank instruments
  • Project funding Worldwide
  • Lending-1-General information, Term, Condition, Procedure for all viable projects finance funding
  • 100% project financing 10% of loan with BG,CD
  • Institutional Fund
  • Venture Capital in Easy Way to Companies That Need Money Urgently
  • Funding against collateral instrument and government guarantee
  • Collateral first loan offers
  • CD loan offers
  • Asset trading – Trade finance
  • Credit Enhancement -Asset Enhancement-Collateral Enhancement
  • Discounting of bank Financial Instruments
  • Letter of Credit against acceptable bank instruments
  • Buy & sell of bank financial Instruments
  • Hard asset funding
  • L/C -DLC- for export import
  • Documentary Letter of Credit
  • Standby Letter of Credit enhancement issued by major world bank
  • Financial Guarantees and Performance
  • Private Organization Enhancement (BG) Issued By Major World Bank
  • New Funders Joint Venture For Project Share Holder
  • Lease of bank Financial Instruments for Credit Enhancement
  • Lease SBLC, BG or Cash backed bonds all instruments are cashed backed.
  • Lease of bank Financial Instruments for Credit Enhancement
  • Lease SBLC, BG Or Cash backed bonds all instruments are cashed backed.
  • Rough Diamonds Purchase Procedures
  • Funding for Financial Instrument Buy/Sell Transactions
  • International advisory consulting
  • Provide Petroleum Products and derivatives

SOPL Group has earned a reputation as top notch international financial consultants for projects of all sorts. We are specialists in structured and secured finance, debt, asset and portfolio management as well as securing investors for any kind of projects. We provide consultancy to several large lending organizations, finance institutions, cutting houses, collateral sources, banks, traders, sellers operating in the global market. Having close and direct ties to banks, large lenders, trade consortiums we are capable of helping you to find investment capital for your next big project.